Your First Appointment

We offer the following guidelines to assist you in maximizing your therapeutic massage experience:

  • Enjoy a light meal an hour or so prior to your appointment.  A heavy meal prior to your visit may result in stomach discomfort during and/or after your massage.


  • Consume a normal amount of water and fruit juice in the 24 hours prior to your appointment; avoid consuming alcoholic beverages, especially the day of your appointment.


  • Arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to allow time to complete the necessary paperwork, or bring your completed paper work with you by downloading our Confidential Client Questionnaire and completeing it prior to your visit.


  • Please disclose all health conditions or environmental allergies/sensitivities prior to your session.  It is also very important that your therapist be fully informed of old or recent injuries and/or illnesses.  This will assist your therapist in choosing the proper massage techniques for your unique situation.


  • Once your paperwork is complete, your therapist will show you to your room.  You will disrobe in privacy, lie on the massage table face up or face down, as instructed by your therapist, and cover yourself with the blanket provided.  Your therapist will not enter the room until you have done so.  Your therapist will position the covers strategically at all times during your session, so that only the part of your body being massaged at any given moment (arm, leg, back) will be exposed.


  • Some individuals prefer to keep their undergarments on while receiving a massage.  This can hinder the therapists ability to properly massage a body area; for example, bra straps can interfere with the therapists ability to massage shoulder muscles.  If you are uncomfortable about removing your undergarments, please discuss this with your therapist.

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